It integrates advanced materials, smooth lines and geometric shapes to form a delicate and clear design language. Take you to the world full of infinite possibilities
Design first presents the ingenious and innovative technology - a powerful assistant to store food flexibly and properly.
With cutting-edge technology and a century of exquisite craftsmanship, the world's leading technology will be injected into the kitchen life, and designed for household refrigerators to help you enjoy the cooking time.
Innovative features can not only provide the best fresh seafood, but also make your life easier.

Combined with advanced materials, smooth lines and geometric shapes, it forms a delicate and clear design language. Take you to a life full of infinite possibilities. Feel every moment, turn ordinary into extraordinary.

With the rapid development of science and technology in China, Internet information technology is becoming more and more popular. Just as smart phones have become necessities of life, "smart" ...


Recently, Morgan Stanley raised the boss's electrical rating from flat to over matching, with the target price up to 32 yuan. The stock price of boss electric appliances has experienced a large ...


CEDIA is the abbreviation of custom electronic design and Installation Association. Founded in September 1989, the association is an international non-profit organization headquartered in Indianapolis

*The zero degree fresh-keeping technology used in template refrigerator is a kind of technology to keep the temperature of food close to 0 ° C and not lower than 0 ° C in the zero degree fresh-keeping space, and maintain a certain humidity in the space, so as to prolong the time of food fresh-keeping. Zero degree preservation technology is applied in the "zero degree biological preservation", "zero degree plus biological preservation" and "intelligent zero degree" space of Siemens refrigerator. *According to jsgf cvc031-2019 "technical specification for stability evaluation of range hood performance with electrostatic filter element", the Siemens range hood cxw-150-lc88en951w was tested. After ten years of simulated use, the maximum air volume decreased by 3.3%, and the maximum static pressure decreased by 3.5%.
Innovative technology
Breakthrough technology, change your home, simplify daily life, bring a new way of life. Template home appliance innovation, enjoy the future.
The story of home
Experience the charm of living space and the collision of avant-garde design with modern, traditional and high-tech. The relationship between innovation and design is reinterpreted in the works of architects.
Home Internet
With the home internet function, no matter when and where you are, you can control the status of home appliances at any time through the home Internet app.
Innovative, practical and colorful life
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